Wednesday June 15th 13:30 - 15:00
Main stage

We close our conference with keynotes from speakers you do not want to miss! An award will be given to the greatest paper and presentation from EVS35 Scientific, and new and established exciting actors from the car industry will discuss challenges and potentials in a European market and the potentials for emission-free EV production in a conversation with the great Chelsea Sexton.

A global rEVolution?

Dr. Monica Araya is a Distinguished Fellow at ClimateWorks and part of the Drive electric campaign. She will tell us how transportation fits in international climate policy.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is renowned for the outlooks, and Leonardo Paoli will share their newest EV outlook.

After three days with enlightening presentations and discussions from the Scientific symposium of EVS35, Professor Joeri Van Mierlo will award the best paper and presentation.

Furthermore, we will hear all we need to know about EVS36.

Revolutionizing EV production

In the second part of our official closing ceremony, we will hear from exciting and distinguished EV manufacturers. VinFast is a newcomer on the EV market, Jean-Christophe Mercier, Deputy CEO is joining us to share their plans for their European adventure. Furthermore, we will hear from Friederike Kienitz, Senior Vice President of the well-established company, Nissan. Last, but not least, Fredrika Klarén, Global Head of Sustainability in Polestar will share their work with the 0 project. After each keynote they will sit down with the famous Chelsea Sexton in a discussion about sustainable car production, where they will be joined by Freyr and Hydro – two fundamental actors to help make EV production as sustainable as possible.