Welcome to Oslo!
– the EV Capital

The electromobility ecosystems of the world develop fast. E-mobility becomes more and more advanced and mainstream. Norway is years ahead of most other countries in terms of Electric Vehicle market penetration, and the city of Oslo is full of green inspiration. EVS35 in Oslo is a more relevant destination than ever, and we look forward to finally meet again for real!

Oslo EV Tour 2022

-The electric future is here
You will see electric cars wherever you go in Oslo, easily spotted with the license plate starting with E.

Visit Oslo and experience the sound of silence in the capital city with the highest share of electric cars in the world.
See our tour guide for the electric sites to visit during your stay in Oslo at EVS35 in June 2022.

In 2022, over 28 percent of all passenger cars in Oslo are zero emission, fully electric. The goal of Oslo city is that by 2030, all passenger cars should be fully electric. And goal is on track to be reached. The new cars sale in Oslo in 2021 had a 71 percent market share for fully electric cars. 

This year about 40% of all city buses and all passenger ferries in Oslo will be fully electric. Oslo city has a goal that all public transport should be zero emission by 2023. 

Electric car incentives
The high EV share in Oslo is mostly due to the national tax exemptions for zero emission cars. But Oslo also has local policies that contribute to the development. The toll roads in Oslo have a high discount for electric cars of up to 75 percent. Electric cars are also allowed to drive in the bus lines and public parking is cheaper than for petrol og diesel cars.

The electric cars are easy to spot all over Oslo. If the license plate starts with EL, EK, EV, EB, EC or ED you will know it is a fully electric car and license plates starting with HY is for the few hydrogen cars. 

In addition, Oslo has a large network of street chargers for citizens that do not have their own parking spot. Oslo city is now operating over 2100 charging points all over the city.

  • Oslo is leading the way in the shift to zero emission vehicles. In 2020, Oslo had a record of 63% market share for BEVs and 16% for PHEVs

  • Oslo has ambitious goals for climate and emission reductions. 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020 and 95% by 2030. A large share of this reduction is dependent on the transport sector

  • In addition to zero emission passenger cars, Oslo has a goal of transforming the public transport system to zero emission by 2020 (buses and ferries). By 2022 all taxies should also be zero emission

  • The European Green Capital was awarded to Oslo for 2019. The city of Oslo also supports the initiative to host EVS35

Why Oslo and Norway?

  • The whole world looks to Norway to learn from the Norwegian EV policy and market
  • First early mass market in the world with 54% market share for BEVs in 2020 on a national level
  • The Norwegian Parliament has an ambitious goal of 100% market share for zero emission vehicles by 2025
  • National grid of fast chargers every 50 km on main roads all over Norway
  • Rapid increase in commercial charging infrastructure, both basic home charging and fast charging

Norwegian EV policy and market

The Norwegian market share for electric vehicles is by far world leading at 74% in 2020 (54% BEV and 20% PHEV). Over 350.000 BEVs are registered in Norway in the beginning of 2021, constituting to over 12% of the total fleet passenger cars.

The Norwegian Parliament and Government have a goal that all new cars sold from 2025 should be zero emission.

This goal will be achieved by extending and adjusting the car tax system based on the polluter pays principle. This long-term Norwegian EV policy will contribute to further growth in the EV market and Norway will most likely still be heading the development of electrification in the transport sector. By 2022 the Norwegian EV Association anticipate there will be 600.000 BEVs registered in Norway.

About Oslo

Oslo is the capital of Norway. With its approx. 600.000 inhabitants, we are a safe and compact capital with all facilities for a pleasant experience. Please find the following samples from our great city: