Wednesday June 15th 14:00 - 14:45
Agora Open Seminars, HALL D

By the middle of this decade, Volvo Cars is committed to reach 50% electric vehicle sales volume.

In support for that milestone, Volvo Cars is currently developing its second generation propulsion system. The next generation of electric propulsion systems will be introduced with the successor to the current XC90 model and will be built on a new electric-only technology base. Volvo Cars’ electrification roadmap is focused on vertical integration, involving in-house development and production. The roadmap includes batteries, electric machines and relevant software, to ensure an optimized and energy efficient electric powertrain. Customer attributes will significantly improve with our second generation of battery systems. Energy content will be increased, fast charging will be improved and the cost for the battery system will be reduced. The second generation of charging system will offer a premium charging experience for Volvo Cars customers, including increased fast charging performance and bi-directional charging capability. The presentation will offer a great opportunity to take part of what is under the shell in new Volvo cars planned for introduction in a near future.

Presenter: Johanna Trillkott , Volvo Cars Battery and Charging Expert