Monday June 13th 13:30 - 15:00
EVS35 Hall E2

– Latest trends and key insights on market development in electric mobility and alternative fuels

The European Alternative Fuel Observatory (EAFO) is the main, central reference portal for publicly available information on alternative fuels (AF) vehicles and AF-infrastructure in the EU, supporting policy-decision making. EAFO oversees the continuous improvement of open data availability, by collecting, verifying and analysis of relevant alternative fuels, vehicles, and infrastructure data to enable
assessment of the European Commission of the actual deployment of infrastructure by the Member States. The move of EAFO to the EC Europa domain in 2022 shows a clear signal to the Member States and to public authorities, about the growing relevance of alternative fuels. It aims to be the official source and main gateway to access the most reliable, authoritative information by public and private

The new update in June 2022, extends the portal by a consumer information section, to serve the needs of EV drivers. It will also serve as an observatory for the private consumer, professional buyers, and company car drivers to orientate and collect information for their decisions on zero-emission mobility alternatives.

In the session, experts of the EAFO consortium will give an overview of the current state and insights into the latest practices of CPOs and MSPs on recharging pricing in European countries. A comprehensive analysis of the availability of Electric Vehicle Models in Europe. The session will also host a first introduction to the ambitious European wide consumer survey and monitor, to find out the consumer’s knowledge about attitudes, preferences, and intentions to adopt electric vehicles. The survey will
enable the Member States to orientate and collect information for their decisions in the
transition towards zero-emission mobility.

By participating, you may learn about:

The event is organized by DG MOVE, FIER, AVERE, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Eco-Movement.