Tuesday June 14th 09:00 - 10:30
EVS35 Hall E2

Home is where your charger is – how to make European buildings ready for the EV future?

Past decade has seen customer “range anxiety” as the primary obstacle to widespread EV adoption. However, as EV ranges have continually improved in recent years and now routinely exceed 300-400 km on a single charge, focus inon the public debate has shifted towards “charging anxiety”, with EU drivers allegedly not knowing where to charge their vehicle and being scared to run out of charge on the way to their destination.

Policy and media debates often focus on public charging, and particularly public fast charging. Potential EV buyers and policymakers seem to wrongly equate EVs to ICE vehicles, which need frequent public refuelling. However, for most users, charging at home, work or even while shopping is the cheaper and more convenient alternative. EU building policies can play a key role in enabling users to charge cheaply whenever and wherever their vehicle is parked, without having to drive to a dedicated recharging station.

With the Commission having proposed a revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in late 2021, and legislative discussions likely to start in earnest in autumn 2022, join us for a first discussion on the following questions and more: