Tuesday June 14th 11:00 - 12:30
EVS35 Hall E2

Ending the ICE Age or Heating the planet? — the need for clear phase-out targets in achieving EU climate aims

A paradigm shift has arrived in Europe: Driven by the increasingly irrefutable reality of climate change, shifting consumer preferences, and improvements in technology – to name just a few factors – industry and policymakers alike are increasingly agreeing that the future of EU road transport will not include fossil-burning internal combustion (ICE) vehicles.

However, debates about the timeline of this transition persist: recent months have seen major debates on when (sometimes even if) sales of ICE vehicles should stop entirely throughout Europe. While any transition timeline must be realistic, the legally binding 2050 target of climate neutrality across the EU necessitates timely action to decarbonize the entire EU fleet in time. Furthermore, setting a clear trajectory for ending the sales of polluting vehicles is crucial to provide industry and workers with clarity for their transition, safeguarding European jobs and competitiveness in the global race to net zero.

Questions addressed will include:

Join us to discuss if Europe is doing enough to secure a timely transition to EVs!