EVS35 Venue

Norway Convention Center is located 10 minutes by train from Oslo International Airport and 10 minutes from Oslo Central Station, at Lillestrøm. We are a top modern full service convention center offering 40.000m2 for all sorts of events. Trains run every 10 minutes from/to Oslo and the airport. Parking facilities for more than 2000 cars […]

About Oslo

Oslo is the capital of Norway. With its approx. 600.000 inhabitants, we are a safe and compact capital with all facilities for a pleasant experience. Please find the following samples from our great city:

Why Oslo and Norway?

The whole world looks to Norway to learn from the Norwegian EV policy and market First early mass market in the world with 54% market share for BEVs in 2020 on a national level The Norwegian Parliament has an ambitious goal of 100% market share for zero emission vehicles by 2025 National grid of fast […]

Welcome to the EV capital Oslo

Oslo is leading the way in the shift to zero emission vehicles. In 2020, Oslo had a record of 63% market share for BEVs and 16% for PHEVs Oslo has ambitious goals for climate and emission reductions. 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020 and 95% by 2030. A large share of this reduction is […]