Meet Karsan Autonomous e-ATAK at EVS35-The first full size bus operating autonomously in Europe!

EVS35 will be the first international exhibition to host a large autonomous electric bus and let visitors experience it.

The level 4 automated electric bus Karsan Autonomous e-ATAK, developed jointly by Karsan and ADASTEC, operates autonomously. It has a capacity of 52 passengers and is the first large electric bus to drive autonomously in ordinary public service in Stavanger by Kolumbus and Vy.

Karsan Autonomous e-ATAK which is electrified by BMW i and automated by ADASTEC, creates a situational awareness overview of its surroundings by using advanced sensors like Lidars, high resolution cameras, advanced radar and thermal cameras to detect other road users and infrastructure to control the bus safely. It has maximum speed of 50 km/h in normal weather and operates in rainy / hazy conditions, day or night. While performing all the operations of a bus driver without a driver such as approaching the stops on the route, managing the getting on and off processes, Karsan Autonomous e-ATAK can easily handle intersections with traffic lights, roundabouts, as well as passenger stations within the ordinary road infrastructure, without any interventions.

Karsan Autonomous e-ATAK is connected to an advanced platform delivered by Norwegian company Applied Autonomy. The platform xFlow® provides automated dispatch functionality, operational management services, analytics and traffic predictions.

See and try the autonomous electric bus outside the exhibition center, June 11-15 at EVS35.