Dialogue sessions – for the first time at EVS with digital signage

The EVS35 in Oslo will be providing digital posters rather than physical printed posters. The digital poster format provides an excellent opportunity for presenters to utilize electronic, digital and visual displays to share your research, and to interact with delegates on an individual basis.

The dialogue presentations are poster-based sessions intended to be an efficient information vector for specialist technical scientific papers. They offer an interactive forum for expert discussion, demonstration of results and networking with fellow intellectuals from worldwide.

At the conference – visual display

The dialogue sessions are organized in groups of up to maximum 10 posters per dialogue session. There are 8 dialogue sessions (in parallel to the lecture sessions). Please have a look at the programme for the sessions.

Delegates can also request meetings onsite using our Matchmaking feature in the event APP.

The dialogue sessions will be set up with TV screens (size 75”) connected with iPads next to the screens, using the Morresier Poster Portal software.

The Morressier iPad app has been designed for content to be displayed and presented in in-person and hybrid conference formats. When browsing content on the device, authors and delegates can access e-posters quickly, using a powerful in-app search. Content can be searched using the following criteria:

• ID
• Poster or Presentation Title
• Keywords
• Author Name

Each TV screen will be uploaded with approx. 10 e-posters. When the iPads are not in use (e.g during breaks), there is a loop showing all the records associated with the dialogue sessions (advertising for all the e-posters).

Once an e-Poster has been tapped on the iPad, it will be shown in full size, as well as on the connected TV screen. Users can continue navigating through the content by swiping through the e-Poster collection:

Users can also use pinch motions with their fingers to zoom in and out, highlighting different parts of the e-Poster. This feature is especially useful to focus on special parts of the Poster:

Authors of Dialogue sessions will receive instructions by email.