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Svein Kvernstuen (NO) – CEO, Beyonder AS

Svein Kvernstuen

Svein Kvernstuen is CEO and Founder of the Norwegian company Beyonder AS. Coming from the oil and gas service sector he has strong business development skills and corporate experience in industrializing new technology. His experience as serial entrepreneur within renewables, green tech, machining and logistics are basis for founding Beyonder in 2016.

From Norway’s first battery Center, at the Energy capital – Forus outside Stavanger, Beyonder offers truly sustainable high power battery solutions for transport and stationary energy storage. Beyonder’s bespoken technology is recognized for its circular business model using forest residuals through our own patented process into cost-effective high-performance cathode materials replacing cobalt and nickel. In December 2021 Beyonder won the Business Climate Award for its innovative new and exciting solutions, from NHO, NTNU and Zero.