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Christina Bu (NO) – Secretary General, Norwegian EV Association

Christina Bu

Ms. Bu has for the last nine years been leading Norsk elbilforening (the Norwegian EV Association). As an expert on electric mobility Ms. Bu is frequently meeting with OEMs and advising politicians and government bodies from different bodies. She has been a keynote speaker at conferences across the globe. With an EV market share on new cars just above 70 percent, Norway is leading the way. At the EVS35 Ms. Bu will give a keynote speech at the Official Opening Ceremony.

The Norwegian EV Association is an NGO and consumer organization that has been fast growing and now has 45 employees and over 100.000 members – EV drivers from all over the country. This makes it the worlds’ largest EV driver organization. The organization plays an important role both nationally and internationally when it comes to promoting the shift to electric mobility, and work in collaboration with governmental bodies, industry and other organizations