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David Thackray (UK) – Marketing Director, Tevva Electric & Hydrogen Trucks

David Thackray

David Thackray has a deep knowledge of, and network within the logistics fleet sector in UK and overseas from more than 30 years operational and consulting experience. He is an internationally recognised speaker on fleet electrification and transport decarbonisation. David is an active member of the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance.

Tevva is a British electric and hydrogen truck pioneer. Tevva designs and manufactures zero-emission medium to heavy duty trucks with a revolutionary combination of battery electric and hydrogen fuel-cell range extender technology. Tevva trucks are built to revitalize urban freight and logistics, optimising range, cost, driver experience, and environmental impact. Tevva trucks are already on the road and have accrued hundreds of thousands of miles in customer hands.
Tevva is a purpose-led technology company, we do technology because it matters and makes a difference to humanity. Our third-generation truck was unveiled in September 2021 to enable freight operators to immediately decarbonize their fleets.

David Thackray will be speaking at the Main Stage Plenary Session on Electrifying Heavy transport, Construction machines and Fleet on Tuesday June 14th between 11.00-12.30.