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Cathrin Lind (DE) – Vice President Operations, EnBW mobility+

Cathrin Lind

Cathrin Lind manages Operations at EnBW mobility+ AG & Co. KG. At the same time she is part of its management team.

With her department, she is responsible for the technical operation of the charging infrastructure, including field service, as well as customer services, i.e., issues relating to malfunctions, billing, and so on. Besides the day to day business the aim is to digitize processes in such a way that, despite the market ramp-up, customers will still be able to charge safely and quickly in the HyperNet of EnBW mobility+ the day after tomorrow.

Cathrin has a long experience in the mobile market. Since that time, she has had a clear focus on the customer. In her previous job, Cathrin was responsible for the Digit