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Boas Jonsson (SE) – Business Development Manager, Fortum Waste Solutions AB

Boas Jonsson

Fortum Recycling & Waste is leading the change towards a low-emission energy system and optimal use of resources. Our goal is to support our customers’ business by conserving natural resources and promoting circular economy. We work together with our customers to build smart and sustainable solutions for ensuring the circulation of valuable materials and the removal of harmful substances from the material cycle.

Over 20 years Boas Jonsson has been active in the recycling industry in the Nordics and has a very wide experience and knowledge of recycling processes, treatment and infrastructure.
Besides early years of working hands on with dismantling, sorting and material treatment, he has also gained an in-depth knowledge within the IT sector, B2B business and project management.
Today he is developing the commercial side of Fortum’s Battery business as a business development manager and delivers battery recycling solutions to our growing battery driven EV industry.
Boas also won Fortum’s internal innovation competition 2021 and is also running that project with his fantastic team that seeks out to boost circularity in products.

His hobbies have always been music performance and production but nowadays he spends his free time on innovating, ideating and developing sustainable solutions for any kind of business in any kind of industry.