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Charlotte Smith (UK) – Zero Emission children’s health campaigner, EV

Charlotte Smith

Hello my name is Charlotte Smith, I’m 15 and in my 4th year at Tudor Grange Academy. I’m also the Youth Ambassador for the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality and a guest panelist at COP26.

From the age of 11 I have been campaigning on behalf of all children all around the world highlighting the benefits of Zero Emission transport by thanking every Electric Vehicle (EV) driver I find around Great Britain, Oslo and California.

So far I have thanked over 4,700 EV drivers in person with my ‘EV Thank You’ cards which also is the name of my Zero Emission children’s health campaign. My goal is to take my Zero Emission campaign message to every country where there’s children!

The image is a copy of Charlotte’s EV Thank You card translated into Norwegian