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Olav Madland (NO) – CEO, Applied Autonomy

Olav Madland

Olav Madland introduced self-driving vehicles to Norway in the spring of 2016 and has performed more than 20 demonstrations of autonomous minibuses at different locations around Norway already.

Olav has been a speaker and motivator for Autonomous transport solutions in Norway at many levels, for Government, universities and ITS Norway. He has the coordination responsibility of the National Test arena in Kongsberg with autonomous transport integrated with Public Transport. The test arena is integrated with municipality, county administration and NRPA.

Olav also works closely with ITS Norway and national key players like Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway, where he also is an expert evaluator. Applied Autonomy is one of the founders of SAMS Norway.

Olav Madland is recently the winner of 2022 ITS Award Norway and a member of the EVS35 Advisory committee.