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Anna Teyssot (FR) – Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Verkor

Anna Teyssot

PhD in physics, Anna Teyssot joined Renault in 2005 as Battery Expert in Li-ion research activities. She then led battery development and supplier strategy for battery systems during eight years in Renault’s e-Powertrain Engineering Division. Her career shifted to Business roles leading EV partnerships for Renault Corporate Plan and Strategy, and then as Venture Development Director of Alliance Ventures, the investment fund of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. Investing in deep tech mobility start-ups is how she came to meet and eventually join Verkor, a French industrial company set to amplify battery cell production in Europe, as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer in January 2021. She now oversees the alignment of Verkor’ s battery products with the targeted markets and the sales management.