Monday June 13th 15:30 - 17:00
EVS35 Hall E2

We invite all EV enthusiasts to an informal gathering at the EVS35 on Monday, June 13th at 15:30-17:00 in Hall E2. There will be an introduction to the GEVA network by Ellen Hiep and short introductions by national representatives all over the world present at the EVS35. Networking and light refreshments are served before we take the train together to the Welcome reception in Oslo City Hall.

THE GLOBAL EV ALLIANCE is a network of national electric drivers’ associations from around the globe. We facilitate global collaboration on best practices, policies, education, and other EV related initiatives. We believe that zero-emission mobility is necessary to combat climate change. Our goal is a planet where all transportation is sustainable, clean, and electric! GEVA includes 54 organizations from 31 countries with over 150.000 EV drivers as members in total.

GEVA – Global Alliance of EV Drivers’ Associations (